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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't tempt me. Oh okay, go ahead.

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it. ~ Mae West

I felt compelled to write about temptation today.  I have no will power. The best and worst part about working and writing at home is the refrigerator.  I can’t resist snacking so I don’t keep snacks in the house. When I get the munchies I usually end up eating something weird, melted cheese for example.  Not melted over anything, just melted.  Yum.  If I do for some reason have snack food available, I eat it all at once to ‘get rid of the temptation’. Yeah, sure. So I avoid food temptations by avoiding them or eliminating them.

One temptation I don’t bother avoiding or eliminating is men.  I’ve always been a lusty girl.  My first celebrity crush was Jon Baker from CHiPs. He was cute and sweet, an all-around good guy hero.  Then one summer my mom dragged me to a sci fi movie I never heard of and I abandoned my good guy crush in favor of my first bad boy—Han Solo.  (Han shot first!)  Wow.  The rest of my girlfriends liked Luke, but I wanted Han.  I’ve always been the different one. When I was in college, away from my mom’s no rock music rule, I discovered Richard Marx and Jon Bon Jovi and my long hair fetish was born. 
So what’s my point? I don’t really have one. This is just an excuse to daydream and post pics of yummy (to me) guys.  I could go on about Bruce Campbell  (told you I was different), Brendan Fraser (yummy mummy slayer), and Christian Kane (OMFG), or Drew Barrymore (I’m open-minded) but I gotta get something done. 
What was I doing again? ;) Who was your first crush (male or female)? 
Have a great day!


  1. Oh my! My first crush ... hmmm ... might have rather embarrassingly been Michael J Fox after going to watch Back to the Future as a young teen--which is moronical considering I've been 5'7" since I hit 12, and he's ... what? 5', if that? I used to have a lot of crushes on fictional guys in books--for the life of me I can't recall their names. Not sure what that says about me--ha! But Mr JBJ? Oh, yeah, baby! The dude is delish, for sure :)

  2. @jabelfield, I liked Alex Keaton. Nothing wrong with short guys. We're all the same height when we're horizontal. ;) Something about man candy that makes me wanna be naughty.

  3. I LOVED Han Solo too. Never cared for Luke. And CHiPs - John for me all the way. Hahahaha! Funny you mentioned Bruce Campbell. I have a pic of him and me at a sci fi convention a million years ago. I have the biggest smile on my face because I was thinking, "OMG, Bruce Campbell is touching me!" Hahahaha!

  4. Oh Brisco. Bruce Campbell came touring to my town for Brisco once (in costume!) and I got to sit on his lap. :D Of course, I was like, four years old... but I was SO madly in love with him and SO happy. I still have the picture. See? Yep, that's tiny Sara on his lap with the crappy 90s bowl cut.

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  6. @KendallGrey I love Bruce Campbell. He's ruggedly handsome and smart-ass funny. Bruce is the man!

    @SM Reine How come everybody gets to touch Bruce except me? *pout* Great picture.

  7. Going to totally destroy any credibility I have ( if ever there was any), and say that I was completely in love with Jodie Foster back in one of her early roles in Bugsy Malone. I think her character name was Talula (or something like that). But my 1st proper crush was on a british singer called Kate Bush. And it didn't help this young stud when she released a track called Babooshka. The video ROCKED as she was dancing around in a valkerie outfit:

    Oh boy..I gotta go take a shower...

    (and Princess Leia working undercover chained to Jabba was pretty hot too:)

  8. @Gilbert I love Jodie Foster. She's one of my favorite kick-ass chicks. My husband has the hots for Princess Leia too.