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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Short Story: Wondering What it's Like

A summer vacation in the desert southwest sounded like a good idea when Will and I planned it during a cold Colorado blizzard, but when we crossed the border into Texas, the heat slammed into me like a brick wall.  Sweat dripped down my body, and I complained about it while Will laughed at me.  He grew up here.  He’s used to the heat.  I’m not. 
We went to the hotel bar to have a drink and unwind a bit, but the hot and sticky air was making me lose my mind and I wanted lose my clothes real fast.  We went to our room and turned up the rattling old air conditioner as high as it would go.  I kicked off my sandals while he pulled back the covers on the bed, then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. 

Oh he kisses me so well, so thorough.  His lips touched my neck, my shoulder, my chin, even the tip of my nose.  I peeled off his sweaty t-shirt, stroking his hot, hard muscles.  He unzipped my jeans while I yanked my shirt over my head.  He sat down on the bed and grinned while I struggled to get my sticky jeans off.  Then he laid me down and I watched him take off the rest of his clothes, his damp skin glistening in the light from the fading sun.
He crawled on top of me and kissed his way down my body, nibbling and licking between my thighs.  I draped my legs over his shoulders and curled my fingers in his soft hair.  The air conditioner blew a cool draft across my skin, puckering my nipples.  The night before in an Oklahoma hotel room he made me come so loud the people next door complained.  Will found that highly amusing and wanted to do it again.  He made me come slow and gentle, but he wasn’t satisfied with that.  He made me come again, and I told him I needed him.  That’s when his wild side got aroused.  He slid inside me, giving me just the tip.  He knows that drives me crazy. 
“How can you do this to me?” I moaned.  He just laughed.  “How can you do this to yourself?”  His sexy left eyebrow arched and I knew I was getting to him.  “I know you want me.  You haven’t been able to keep your hands off me all day.”  He kept finding excuses to pull over and make out.  “How can you hold back now when all you want to do is make me squeal?”
Something devious flashed in his dark blue eyes and he faked a yawn.  “It’s been a long day, and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.  I’m pretty tired.”  He pulled out and rolled over, turning off the light.  “Sweet dreams, darlin’.”
“I don’t think so.”  I threw my body against him, pushing him onto his back.  I wriggled onto his still hard cock, and I smiled when his eyes rolled back in his head.  “Now I’m in control.”
He moaned and let me thrust down on him once, almost twice.  “Not for long.”  He flipped me on my back and I squealed.  He spread my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my slit.  When he slipped in, I wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to pull him in deeper, but he held my thighs apart while he teased me with the tip again.  My body started to ache and burn. I needed more and he knew it.  I pinched my nipples with one hand, reaching down to stroke my clit with the other.  He grabbed my hands and held them above my head.  “Nope.”  But then my legs were free and I tried to pull him in again.  “I gotta find something to tie you down with.”
 He got up and started digging through his suitcase.  Will never wears ties.  He hates them.  He might own one, but I’ve never seen it on him.  Did he bring it along?  No, he pulled out the belt from my bathrobe.  A devilish smile lit his eyes as he tied my wrists together in front of me.
“You packed that?”                
“Just in case I needed to restrain you,” he winked.  And then he teased me again, crawling on top of me.  His body covered mine, skin to skin, but he wouldn’t enter me fully.
“Please what?”
“Please give me more.”
“More what?”  He knows I can write the hottest sex on paper—that’s what I do for a living—but he also knows I can’t say the words.
“More of you.”  He pulled out, dammit.   “More of your cock.  I want all of it.”
Will groaned and sank into me.  “Tell me what you want me to do you to, darlin’.” 
“Harder,” I gasped.  “Fuck me hard.  Fuck me slow.  Fuck me till I can’t move.”
He pushed up on his hands, planted his knees and drove into me.  I cried out and threw my tied hands around his neck, pulling him down and kissing his hot mouth.  My entire body needed him.  “Suck my nipples.  Please.”
He drew one into his mouth and tugged on the other with his fingers while he pounded me.  I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in hard, again and again. This was exactly what I needed and he knew that too.  I came right before he did, loud and hard, frightening the neighbors.  Will sighed and collapsed on top of me.  I worked my ties free and ran my hands through his hair, and we fell asleep like that.
Sometime in the middle of the night I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water.  Will was sound asleep and I figured everyone else in the house was too, so I didn’t get dressed.  The refrigerator light was brighter than I expected, and I jumped when I saw Alex sitting at the table with a bottle of water in his hand, wearing nothing but his jeans.  I slammed the door shut, but not before he saw me completely naked.  The sudden change in lighting blinded us for a few seconds, but as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I knew his did too.
“Is he asleep?” he asked.
I didn’t answer.
“Wore him out, did you?”
I nodded, knowing he could see me.  Alex is a good-looking man.  He and Will have the same expressive blue eyes, but the similarities end there.  Will is broad shouldered and muscular with long light brown hair and a smile that makes me melt.  Alex is tall and wiry with short dark brown hair that refuses to behave.  His smile sends chills down my spine. 
His dangerous eyes sparkled in the dark as they moved over my body.  “But you’re not done yet.”  He stood up and moved close to me, silent except for his husky whisper.  “And I know you’re wondering what it’s like to be with me.”
He was right, of course.  I moved back against the wall, but I wasn’t trying to get away from him.  Not really.  He followed me, pinning me to the wall without touching me.  His lips were a breath away from mine, and all I had to do to kiss him was lift my chin.  So I did.  His tongue slipped into my mouth as his body melted into me.  I felt his cock get hard inside his rough jeans.  His fingers slid between my cunt lips while I unzipped him and ran my palm up and down his hot shaft.  He played with my clit while we kissed.
“You’re dripping wet.”  He shoved a finger inside me.  “Did he do that to you, or is that for me?”
I somehow managed to speak.  “Yes.”
He laughed and then I came, hanging on to his strong shoulders when my legs gave out.  His arms slid under my thighs, and he picked me up and wrapped my legs around him.  “Mmm…you’re so hot and tight after you come.”  He had to force his cock into me and I came again, hard and hot.  My legs quivered around him as he pounded me against the wall.  He snarled and bit my lower lip while I squirmed.
“Now you know what it’s like,” Alex breathed in my ear.  “Now you want more.”
I shook my head, but he ignored me.  He put me down and spun me around, shoving my face against the wall.  His arm slid around my waist and he yanked me back, possessing me from behind, fucking me like I belonged to him.  Sweat dripped down our bodies, but I didn’t complain.  I was losing my mind again, but I didn’t want him to stop.  I came in a rush of sticky heat, slamming into me like a wall. 
Alex shuddered, falling against me, breathing hot and ragged on my skin.  “We’re being watched,” he whispered.
I turned and looked over Alex’s shoulder, gasping when I saw Will leaning against the counter, his arms crossed over his chest.  Alex followed my gaze and laughed.
“Are you finished with her?” Will said.
Alex gave me that chilling smile.  “For now.”  He let go of me and stood back. 
Will crooked his finger at me, and I silently followed him back to the bedroom.  He shut the door behind us and shoved me down on the bed.  “You need to be punished, darlin’.”  I quivered as he fell on top of me, driving into me.  No more teasing.
I woke up in our hotel room on soaking wet sheets.  The air conditioner was no longer rattling or cooling.  The sun was shining hot again and Will’s arms were wrapped around me.  “Where are we?”
“Ummm…Texas.”  His eyes blinked open and he saw my confusion.  “You okay?”
“I had the weirdest dream.”  I snuggled closer to him, feeling his heart beat steady under my cheek.
His hand slipped between my thighs.  I was still wet.  “Was it about him?”
Will’s heart beat faster.  “Tell me about it.”  He smiled.  “Don’t leave anything out.” 

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