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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday quickies

I had ideas for two blogs this morning, but we’re going carpet shopping today so I don’t have time to explore them fully.  So here’s what occurred to me today.

First thought: I understand escapism. I saw a good quote on a bumper sticker: "Reality is for people who lack imagination." Imagination is my escape from reality, from judgment, and sometimes from plain old boredom. Writers choose to share their imagination with others and risk being judged for it, but if we don't share, we're not happy. I'm not anyway. I need an audience. My audience understands and that's why I write.

Second thought: Celebrate every success, large or small, and when you don’t have any successes, celebrate someone else’s.  So yay for book releases! Yay for impending book releases! Yay for book sales even if it’s just one or two! Yay for time to write! Yay for ideas when there’s no time to write! Yay for people who understand!

I was a cheerleader in high school so let me know what you have to celebrate today, and I’ll cheer for you.  Yay for new carpet!


  1. hmm...even though my book release is pending, I'm just happy that it's coming out at all! SO YAY FOR THAT!

  2. Yay for people saying my short stories are decent! I thought they sucked. Can you do backflips and roundoffs? That'd be cool!

  3. @Nova Sparks - Yay! Did it get through security ok? I hope it didn't need a full body scan.

    @Lisa - I am an incredible klutz. I was the one on top of the pyramids because I was the lightest, but I can't even do a straight somersault.