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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teacher judged for writing erotic romance

I don’t know where to start.  There are so many directions I could take. I’m trying to collect my thoughts on this subject, but my brain is fried from formatting all morning, so forgive me if I don’t make much sense.
As a romance author: my first thought was what if it happened to me?  I’ve blogged about my mom’s and my friends’ uptight, fundamental ideas.  If Judy Mays were a teacher in the community where I grew up, my friends and family would be among the first to ostracize her.  If they found out about me, I have no doubt they would condemn me just as quickly. How would I react? With my head held high, dammit.
As a mom: I will not shelter my daughter. I will do my best to protect her, but I will not forbid her to read things I may or may not agree with.  I will teach her to think for herself.  She can read my books if she’s interested in them. 
As a human being: this really is none of my business. Why does it matter what adults do in their free time? As long as she isn’t doing anything illegal or hurting anyone, I don’t need to know about it.  And no, erotica isn’t illegal or harmful.  Sex is a great stress reliever.  Maybe if more adults got laid more often, they wouldn’t need to take their frustrations out on other people.
As a romance reader: where can I get her books? Here’s one place: Amazon Kindle
And here’s more: Copia Romance All Romance
It’s good to see the romance community coming together to support one of our.  Maybe we can teach the world a thing or two about love. 


  1. This is one of those things that want to make you pull your hair out. An English teacher who's been doing the job for 25 years, writes erotica on the side. She doesn't teach it in school. It has nothing to do with that side of her life. She's not hurting anyone with it either. But the news has gotten aut to the moral extremists and they want blood. I'm gonna keep this short because like you've said this is a battleground that can be attacked from multiple angles. Let's just start with "shock and awe".
    This is one of the reasons why so many gays and lesbians decide to stay covert in civilian life because they know things won't be the same again if they blow their cover. I'm taking the same liberal view with my daughter in bringing her up that I won't be repressing her by controlling what she can and can't read. Now, Judy Mays is most likely going to lose her job,as she's forced out when the school lynch mob get together again( So miss ...erm.. .Judy..if that's yer real name, what'll it be? A hanging or a burning. We got a special discount this month for ye servants of the state. Ecological rope made from natural fibers. It's strong and it's good for the enviroment too...), but I hope against hope that she keeps writing. I bet many of those shocked parents have actually read her books, but the mob rules so they're not gonna put themselves up on the blocks for target practice. At times like these the loccal media shows how much of a double edged sword it can be too. Instead of reporting this from a neutral view point, you can almost feel the finger of righteousness wagging away in discontent. We should be able to read what we want but the pressure of moral secret police is forever present. Just coming into your blog is a classic example.
    It starts by telling me about the sensitvie content of the site:
    "DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE, (it says)"
    "Yes(I say)"
    "ARE YOU SURE(it says)"
    "Yes(I say)"
    "YOUR SOUL IS IN PERIL(it says)"
    "Come on H.A.L. Answers still yes(I say)"
    "REPENT NOW SINNER(it says)"
    "Gee Gandalf, answer's still, yes(I say)"
    (stupid computer..)
    Okay that was a bit of an exageration but..
    It's important that those of us who know better teach our children this, even though it is hard and risky.
    Amelia and Judy and all you other brave writers out there, never stop swimming against the tide.

  2. @Gilbert And yet, there's a certain freedom in having the adult content warning. I can write fuck all I want (fuckfuckfuck) and not have to worry that someone might be offended. They might be, but they can't say they weren't warned.

  3. Of course, you're right because not everyone has the same tastes and without any kind of warning they could accidently just stumble onto content that might seriously offend them.
    Do you think Judy will be allowed to keep her job?

  4. I hope so, but I know how narrow-minded small town school boards can be.